About Ghome

Chúng tôi tin rằng với một G.HOME duy nhất bền vững mà luôn luôn khuyến khích “tinh thần của G.HOME“, “Trí tuệ của G.HOME“, G.HOME sẽ được nhất định để tăng trưởng bền vững phát triển, không ngừng đổi mới tăng thêm giá trị thăng hoa Hạnh phúc “đầy với các cổ đông, nhân viên, khách hàng trong và ngoài nước.

Core Values
Continuous growth


The guiding principles of G.HOME is the continuous improvement of the system to become a  leader  in Vietnam and Southeast Asia in the field of manufacturing mattresses, blankets, padding cotton and garments. G.HOME always builds a sustainable  foundation and good business environment with the products, perfect service to satisfy the needs of the consumers in society and contribute to the  good value for the members of the Corporation.


We always set for ourselves the task of bringing G.HOME become the top brand in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing blankets, sheets, pillows, mattresses, padding cotton and garments.

In parallel with the ongoing consolidation of the brand through marketing and communication activities, professional public relations, we constantly innovate and improve the quality of infrastructure, human resources, quality of goods.
In terms of production capacity, G.HOME constantly upgrades the scale, technology and production chains to maximize competitiveness and catch opportunities.

In term of Human resources, G.HOME pays attention on training, growing intellectual and well-skilled workers, especially technical desigers. Our marketing staffs are dynamic and enthusiastic.

In terms of product development, we constantly learn, research to provide not only the product quality but also meets high aesthetic demands of society and reach the international level


Become a model of the International Corporationwith professional administrators system, opened network, perfect vision.

Extend fields of operation under sustainable goals.

Consolidate and hold on the domestic market and expand towards regional and international market